Colorectal cancer colonoscopy

Early detection by screening programmes has the power to improve control of the disease.

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Between 1 November and 31 Decemberpatients performed fecal immunochemical tests. In 8.

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In our group we had a rather low adherence to the colorectal cancer colonoscopy -up colonoscopy, only 97 performed colonoscopy. In 26 patients Patients with cancer and polyps tend to be older than the other patients.

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In our group no cancer or polyp was detected in patients younger than 50 years. Hence we consider that the age of 50 for beginning the colorectal cancer screening is suitable for our area. Fecal immunochemical test can be an important tool in detection of colorectal carcinoma and preneoplastic lesions and efforts had to be made in order to run a screening programme Keywords: screening, colorectal carcinoma, adenoma, colonoscopy, fecal immunochemical test References: 1.

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