In2constient Services: Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy

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Office of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy „In2constient” is accredited by the College of Psychologists in Romania and offers the following types of services:

Individual psychological counseling for children, teens, young adults

Psychological counseling and psychotherapy for couples and families

  • Psychological counseling (psychotherapy) for couples;
  • Couple (psychoanalytic) psychotherapy;
  • Personal development groups” „Trends in the couple”;
  • Personal development groups for parents and children „Family Universe”.

Individual and group personal development for:

  • Children – psychodramatic educational groups;
  • Teens – school orientation sessions;
  • Students / graduates- psychodramatic workshops „On the stage of life”.

Psychological services for children with special needs and caregivers

  • Testing and evaluation of children with special needs (autism, attention deficit, behavioral disorders, Down syndrome, stubbornness,…);
  • Tailored psychotherapeutic programs for the development of affected mental areas and skill;
  • Psychotherapy and psychological rehabilitation for children with special needs and mental illness;
  • Support groups and counseling for caregivers / parents of children with special needs.

Support groups for:

  • Patients with different symptoms and medical interventions;
  • People who have suffered various types of abuse (domestic violence, physical abuse, sexual abuse, discriminations, abuse at work etc);
  • Single parents;
  • Patients with eating disorders.

Psychotherapist Diana Moraru

Family and couple psychotherapy and counseling
Individual psychological counseling
Therapy for stress, depression, anxiety, panic attack…
Psychological assessment and psychotherapy
for children with and without special needs


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