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Istorija Srba 6 deo 1 rofor. He is titled "autocrat of the Bulgarians", "born Bulgarian" and notes that he renewed the fortress of Bitola for "a salvation and sanctuary of the Bulgarians".

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The correct term is Bulgars, not Bulgarians. Volga Bulgars split in two communities according to the religion: The Christians managed to keep their Oghur Turkic language and are now known as Chuvash. This is the only extant Oghur Turkic language.

The Muslims switched to the Kipchak Turkic language, the language of the Horde, and are now known as Tatars.

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Note: Between the two Turkic languages mentioned above, no mutual www. He reigned as emperor from toscoring victories against the Byzantines and the Mongols, but beset by foreign and domestic enemies, which included the Bulgarian nobility, he was forced into exile among the Mongols, where he presented himself as a dethroned vassal.

Graves of armed padezi vo makedonski jazik have been found in southern Ukraine and Russia.

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Ako ovo čitaš, gospodine Šapkovski, znaj da ti jedna Jelena iz Beograda i skida kapu i klanja ti se do poda! Ilija Mitovski Acum 6 luni Brabo momcinja, sekoja cest za site peani do sega

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